Friday, August 5, 2011

porgress up and down

I have recently been involved in a serious and important discussion around how to assess experiential learning and match it with taught stuff. It is like copmparing apples with oranges, BUT if you shift up a conceptual level they are "fruit".
SO how do we recognise Fruit? can we allow distinctive varietal differences? or do we have a must have and might have list?
are the critical definitions of fruit sufficient? or do we need a flavour of each specialty (major) fruit?
quite a challenge really, AND very important when prior/exepriential learning is presented to assess.
I'd love some comments on this from you all.

Monday, August 1, 2011

workbased learning

I wonder often if the world recognises some of the "hidden" aspects of learning at work. oh yes, there is the skill demonstration, and sometimes the "you would be wise to.." mentoring, but aside from that?
If all workers were required (under the most dictatorial regime you might imagine) to document thoughts/feelings/learnings what would aprear. I suspect that something we might see as Grounded Theory might emerge. then the challenge is to support the working learner to compare their groundedness with the formalities.
So how does the wolrd recognise the learning? maybe the world has to challenge its own assessment practices.