Monday, July 26, 2010

online groupwork

this is a really delicious jigsaw of online groupwork processes. I'm really simply doing my technical practice and I can't get the insert image tool in the new post box to work at all, so have gone back to HTML and found this worked.
I find each of these components quite a challenge and can see why each might be needed.
Group work is possibly one of the most complex pieces of online work and I would love to know how others have managed it.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

dfiagrams get all the votes.

Well it has been reinfoced again today- diagrams are so powerful.
I've just met two that really fascinate me:

1) a look at Sarah Stewart's Personal learning Environment It is well worth a look and a ponder;

2)Bloom's taxonomy of cognitive demands JeanJacoby's attention to tools that promote particular level;s of learner functioning.

Each of these has made me realise that my major goal for this course is to increase my toolkit. (Yes I know I'm then supposed to put measurable etc statements, but I'll leave that for now).
Stay cool and well.

strengths and networks

well, what a network with great strengths and resouces.
I am very mindful of three things:
1) the way Sarah has fed in information to us over a period of time-a process of warming us up to the main event- the course;
2) the reminder we have been given that we do need to be practising the skills as we move through the theoretical and infmative materials- for to wait until the grand finale is a bit much- we wouldn't do it anywhere else would we?
3) the need for me to refresh many of the micro technical skills such as hyperlinking, uploading images etc, as they6 are not at all intuitive to me and I need to find sets of instructions.
In terms of the micro technicals, there are help pages available-for blogger support
and also wordpress has a similar, also a private site an active Q+A communitythat is very useful.
I look forward to ongoing engagement.