Friday, December 19, 2008

learning through experience

I have neglected this site shamefully, so apologies to both Sarah and Linda.
I kept faithfull to the connectivism and read many valuable papers. I'm still unclear that connectivism, through neural psychology, chaos theory and advanced constructivism is a new theory of learning.

I have been in Melbourne, Australia recently, connecting physically with colleagues in the vocational sector (TAFE) who have strategic government support for Recognition of Prior Learning through a Skills recognition programmes, the development of neighbourhood Skillstores, work allocation for RPL co-ordinators (who could be either adminstrators or academics) and training of assessors.
What is being acknowledge is that not all learning comes through formal accredited training programmes. (and this links with the connectivist notions around individual searches etc). However, the publicity is targeted at not only those who forward for this process but also their managers, on the grounds that it makes good business sense to have staff credentialed.
For the staff in TAFE it is allowing some interesting spin-offs.Those who have an interest in this way of recognising excepriential learning can have it included in their work load and they, through the number of completions, appear highly productive. It gives them time to develop resources and particularly online teaching materials. Also, the work satisfaction increases. What a thought.
Are there areas where this might be a siky practice? (I Australia, Nurses, electricians and plumbers believe it is so).