Thursday, August 28, 2008

mentoring without meeting

I have this week had a real professional challenge around a mentoring relationship with someone you haven't met. I come from a background that values face to face multi-sensory signal interaction.Without that the relationship seems lacking.
offers in sights into social work supervision in a chat room, BUT they still say need to meet and have a sense of the other first.
Does anyone have a feel from experience of how this intense professional realtionships are managed successfully without ever meeting?
I would be most grateful.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

linking and connecting

Here I am trying to make practical sense of interconnectivity- the theory fascinates me, but without the technical knowhow it's a bit remote.

The idea of social networking without much paper, postal costs and months of sea or air travel is magic. I can remember party line phones where you had to listen for your own morsecode ring signal to know whether or not the call was for you.I'm sure LeighBlackall wouldn't like that at all.

The connection I have with thos trying to establish blogs along with me seems quite strong and I particulalrly like Craig's layout and Emma's very rich and full prettypages.

I hope I remember how to do these links in the cold light of day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

who is watching my learning? and yours?

last night as I explored options for useful links, good old FortiNet informed me that was not an option for me. Oh yes?I wonder what gave them that idea.

Then today I was unable to open my blog on my work computer as it was outside my privacy settings. Interesting that Fortinet can not afford me any privacy.

Now at home, going into a regular email posting from George Seimens, I found it tagged by the said Fortinet and had to convince it/them/(large sibling)that this wasn't so and they seemed to believe me, so all go now. (Have you read David McQuillan's blog on spying and security- worth reading -find it onthe OP wikieducator list ,again see below).

Try the Workplace Learning link I have added, as this came in with the Seimens material and looks very promising.

Friday, August 8, 2008

as usual- technical hitches

no it isn't the weather, or the fact that three people cancelled meetings today, simply frustration with these blogs. two in particular and any help would be much appreciated:
1) in google reader, the full beautiful blog to which i have subscribed doesn't appear, only the actual post as text. so I miss Emma's beautiful Oamaru,Helen greave's wonderful interactive cat etc and it makes a mockery of bothering to attend to the aesthetics of layout. Nor can I see the comment record-how many and I can't read anyone's comment. I guess the e-mail function allows me to comment, but that is a very 1:1 thing, and counterproductive to social networking function of blogs, so advice someone?
2) the googlegroup e-mails are irritating. I tried establishing a rule to divert them to a folder, but seem unable to get a full statement in the rule properties box, so ALL of my e-mails went into the folder!!! again, some help.
On a brighter note- trust you all have wonderful movies, craft projects, food and drink for the weekend. and of course zillions of olympic footage to view.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

new venture

tonight in class, this creation emerged. what an excitement. we'll see how this unfolds.