Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sustainable practice- new learning? or refocussing on old?

I am fascinated by the trends in recipe books in New Zealand over the last 6 months.
Much of what we are going to now is "comfort food" food our grandmothers used to make- witness the Baking recipes, the home garden recipes, the eggless, butterless (from the days of rationing,)and the collections from fundraising publications. Further than that the grow your own gurus, (Linda Hallinan, Anabelle Langbein) are taking us into a former life. (Of course our cleaning with Wendyl Nissan could be going that way too. Baking soda and vinegar will get you to a clean heaven).
And bless us, the advice to those who seek well-being is taking the same pathway. Nigel Latta in both his magazine columns and his tv programme talks about "stuff" not making you happy,while Martin Seligman looks for a satisfying life that is as much about doing things for others as for the self.
It may be that in a time of recession we become nostalgic for what was and from a distance seems much better. (Have you seen "Midnight in Paris"? There anything 'before'has to be superior)It may be that such regression is actually progression towards more sustainable lifestyles that will make fewer demands on both our environment and our society.
I wonder what you think?