Tuesday, July 28, 2009

memory lapse

I have forgotten how to edit a post.my saluatation shoudl read ka kiti ano.
it means be strong. (and don't we need to be!!!!:) )


Sarah Stewart said...

Willie, great to hear from you. Bu my calculation its been a year since we last met at the blogging work shops so its lovely to catch up with you again. Are you a formal or informal student?

willie campbell said...

I'm an infomral student, but wish to stay as actively involved as possible.
My first challenge will be to find a computer to use that has the right sound setting activated for Elluminate.
I won't be able to make this week'
s meeting. will you be posting dates well ahead of time for those meetings? as Elluminate is on my conquer and contain list for this year!!!!!!!

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Willie

Elluminate is easy once you get youe computer set up properly. Do you have a headset - much easier to use if you do. Don't be afraid to nag those IT people for help :)

What I will probably do is alternate meetings in the day with meetings in the evening. As for dates, I'll sort them when I see people's needs at tomorrow's meetings.

cheers Sarah

Leigh Blackall said...

We'll do our best to set dates well in advance. The times are largely determined to suite the formally enrolled. The first meeting will hopefully set a regular meeting time that is good for most.

Great to see you in this course Willie.

Elaine said...

Hi Willie,
nice to 'meet' you :) what i'm expecting to find from thisa course is people like yourself, with a passion for learning whom i can connect with.