Friday, April 27, 2012

what really is "hard" susatainability?

today's gathering allowed my thoughts in four last posts to come together into something cohesive and congruent. Sustainability is indeed about the maintenance of resouces for human, social, economc, and built capital to be available to both us and those whi come after us. the "Hard or Strong" sustainalbilty notions fit well with this. all aspects of the universal system- are needed to be in some sort of alignment for our lives to continue. well if we can (and probably it is only the middle class who can) we could and should: 1)collect less "stuff"; 2) not look for Mansions with several bathrooms in posh suburbs; 3) add our political voice to causes (eg;MMp/Lignite mining); 4)foreshore and seabed; 5) south Dunedeih school amalgamation. I'm vbecoming transformed in my thinging andf beleieve that that is the opurpose of this course. What my actions are will be different possibly to my vlaues.

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Helen said...

Hi again,
Great to see your 4 listed "should do's" - I like No. 1 and 3 best, well no. 3 really is the only one that may make any real difference. MMP is interesting. Do you think it is working? The Greens got about 10% of the vote last year (the highest ever), but we have a list MP (Tim Groser) as our Minister of Climate Change - did anyone even vote for him? John Banks is Minister for Regulatory Reform (Act got less votes than the Greens)- The Greens don't have a single Minister in Cabinet. Perhaps MMP gives us the illusion that parliament is representative of the people, but in fact it is no better than FPP.

I say vote with your conscience.