Friday, October 30, 2009

alter personas

I have been intrigued with the names people have chosen for second life- I see so many Jungian archetypes there as to be unfuuny. BUT also it has been brought home to me this week, the parallel nature of some of these activites. I have had one of my granddaughters for a sleepover and we worked on selecting names for ourselves if we were to be Disney Fairies.
I suspect that many second life avatars are really Disney Fairies.Do they ever age?


Debra's Blog said...

Hi Willie,
I note that yu do not have a second life persona. When I arranged mine, the surname was selected from a list. I played around with first names until I found something that I liked. They do have fantasy connotations and it can be quite surreal in second life. I have been invited to go to the cemetary more than once! And I was apporached by an 'adult guide offering lessons'(I have forgotten the term used) to ask if I was over 18, quite scary really.

On the upside, Petal Stransky did invite me to the virtual birthing room and met with to 2 other midwives, which was very interesting.

Sarah Stewart said...

I chose my name at a time I didn't know how things worked. If I was doing things now, I would choose a name that was as similar to my own as possible. I have chosen not to be anonymous in SL - if I was playing fantasty games of some sort, I'd probably choose a really different name.

Hilary said...

When I went in to the SL world and prompted to put a name in I wasn't looking for anonimity either, as I tend to be a transparent soul!

I ended up with the name VonFaraway Meridoc, naively thinking I could tweek it later (didn't read thoroughly did I!). Von Faraway (from faraway) is my Red Hat Society name and seemed appropriate for this activity too as the environment is fun but still a learning one. As for Meridoc limited choice on the list so:. Merry- cheerful- latin connotations with "Hilary" (hilarious etc) and the doc bit being part of the SL name has some clinical connotation! Having spouted all that I hadn't realised just how deep and meaningful some of my decisions are!!

Hilary said...

PS Love the Altapersona picture.

Sarah Stewart said...

Willie: I tweeted this post and here's a reply from Kate Boardman:

willie campbell said...

what wonderful thoughts on naming something. It does make you realise how signifant the business of "naming" is, whether your own or for someone else.
The response to your tweet is quite telling isn't it Petal?

Adrienne Moyle said...

Hi Willie, I had fun choosing my name on Second Life. My favourite colour is blue, so I had thoughts of SkyBlue before I entered and Edenflower seemed to go with it.

I would love to hear what your name is if you are a Disney fairy. My daughter often calls herself Serafina after a cat in a Barbie movie!