Sunday, November 15, 2009

cairn terriers


Hervé said...

Hi Willie,
nice video. What software did you use to edit it?

willie campbell said...

edit? I am doing my "get better technically "stuff herve. so I have "simply" (and that's a joke) used the emebd code from the video itself and copied it to the editing HTML space in my blog. I went to blogspot help to try to get the instrcutions and they gave me basic HTML instructions for non YouTube videos. BUIT to save a YouTube video is quite a marathon and much, much, bigger than Ben Hur.So lots to learn still. Thansk for the comment- you will have realised that as an informal student I have now moved to another need, and that is the need to make sense of Moodle as a LMS and Mahara as an e-portfolio, so I';m back with things technical.