Monday, July 26, 2010

online groupwork

this is a really delicious jigsaw of online groupwork processes. I'm really simply doing my technical practice and I can't get the insert image tool in the new post box to work at all, so have gone back to HTML and found this worked.
I find each of these components quite a challenge and can see why each might be needed.
Group work is possibly one of the most complex pieces of online work and I would love to know how others have managed it.



Karen Humber said...

Wow I love the jigsaw. How did you create it?

willie campbell said...

I found this image in Google images- in the category Groups. and i also love it.
Look forward to further contact.

Rayna said...

Hey Willie
I do really like the visuals. Would like to find out more about where one finds such images and how to import them. Need to find more time to PLAY!

willie campbell said...

play is definitely the secret.

Jo Lundman said...

You are an amazing woman Willie! I'm really pleased we are journeying this course together and look forward to more inspiring creativity from you;

Tracy Pemberton said...

I love the visual. I am looking forward to some teamwork with you!