Saturday, July 24, 2010

dfiagrams get all the votes.

Well it has been reinfoced again today- diagrams are so powerful.
I've just met two that really fascinate me:

1) a look at Sarah Stewart's Personal learning Environment It is well worth a look and a ponder;

2)Bloom's taxonomy of cognitive demands JeanJacoby's attention to tools that promote particular level;s of learner functioning.

Each of these has made me realise that my major goal for this course is to increase my toolkit. (Yes I know I'm then supposed to put measurable etc statements, but I'll leave that for now).
Stay cool and well.


Sarah Stewart said...

What I like about the diagram that Jean has posted is that it takes you beyond the tool - it starts to focus us on what the tools can be used for. As an online facilitator the next step is for us to work out how we use the tools in our practice.

Malcolm Lewis said...

Great find Diagram on Bloom taxonomy.

Got me thinking about a diagram of web 2.0 tools and health promotion tasks. eg advocate, disseminate, engage, evaluate, collaborate, listen, research, ect.

lyn blair said...

Hi Willie
I like the idea of finding new tools and I am hoping to find a way to manage all the blogs and comments easily and more efficiently. Its nice to be back.:)