Friday, August 20, 2010

technology tools for sound pedagogy/development

In the last two weeks I have been excited by the Elluminate sessions with Nancy White and Greg Walker and also the blog notes of Jo harte's tips that I can see how this online tool of Elluminate can carry such sound pedagogical and developmental practice.
I am in awe of those who seem to be able to wear the four shoes of e-facilitation.
For me the technological shoe is the challenge and I guess it is much the same challenge as having legible and interesting whiteboard script. just different tools for the visuals.
I have been so heartened by the message that the pedagogy is the important thing and the tool simply supports that to happen. several of our network have reinforced that message.
The educational issues that Sarah finds are much the same as ours in NZ, so we are an internationalo netwrok of people trying top make sound eeucational and develo0pmental sens of the use of online techn ology.
Our endeavours in this course are very valuable. Rayna Dickson acknowledges the value, excitement and motivation of discovering online experiences.She sees the making of connections as a valuble activity and experience,and the "light bulb" happening when a door is opened through this.
I believe we are on the cusp of a new set of learnings and I look forward to those.


Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for linking to my post, Willie. It has been really interesting talking to the educators here because they are facing exactly the same issues as we are, as I said in my post. The one thing that I am left with though, is they are talking about education for the rich and middle class. There are millions who will not have any access to education. And I cannot see an answer to that problem in Pakistan any time soon. In the meantime, I guess educators do the best they can.

Karen Humber said...

I agree with you Willie that it was an important reminder that these are just tools and don't stand alone. Sort of like how we can all become 'web designers' with all the available software these days. My website is a case in point!!

How do we distinguish the difference as pedagogues, facilitators or consumers? Somehow I feel it is okay and is pushing us all to continually raise the bar.

willie campbell said...

even those of us who have access to some of these tools, struggle to use them effectively. I'm about to go to a 4th seminar on accessing images from Flickr and putting them in my blog- for some reason I am the slowest learner possible around that activity that others find so simple.
I cergtainly appreciate the handholding from more capable and confident people. (such as yourself I might add).