Thursday, September 2, 2010

the microwave experience

well I think of todays time in Ellmunate as the "microwave" session.
Jane Scripps analgy for that new appliance in the kitchen is so apt.
This appliance,Elluminate and the possibilities inherent in the use of Breakout Rooms is very seductive and "now", but like all appliances it needs tinme to learn and test its subtleties and for all the contributors to be functiong.
We suffered in that Karen's connection from Canada was highly intermittent both visually and in sound.
In addition we had needed a sample group to try various ways of assigning spaces and the functioning of those spaces.
I think what we did have was a most interesting learning experience from a developmental trio who worked to keep interest and input alive.
Thanks to all those in the group for their careful and thoughtful contributions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Willie,

Your post has prompted me to go and listen to this event. I am a big fan of using breakout rooms in Elluminate sessions.

Now that I see that microwave image on your blog, I want to find out how Jane used that metaphor for what we do in elearning.

BTW Thanks for joining the Eportfolios Community of Practice. I hope you are enjoying the conversations there.

willie campbell said...

two things I'm unsure of-
1)can we load slides into breakout rooms? and how.
2) can we have the timer on in all breakout rooms? and if so how do we set it?
I went into Elluminate to tgheir recorded materials, but as far as breakout rooms go, it is really just a promo.
Enjoying the e-portfolio chat.

willie campbell said...

more reflections on the microwave experience have deepend the collective reflection.
Katherine Gilliver ponders several critical thoughts as a result of this experience of breakout rooms.
The microwave analagy is expanded and explored by Jane Scripps.
there seems to be much that we want from this affordence, but are unsure how well it serves our purpose.
Is this so very different from trialing any new tool?
maybe ballpoint pens had the same reaction from people used to nibs and ink wells.?