Thursday, October 28, 2010

I wonder if what we see is what is there? I have brought many biases and interpretations to education and my work with learners that I'm sure have been slightly off-focus. It is in the listening to the learner that the lens is recalibrated.the mini conference topics will allow this focussing to happen I'm sure.


Sarah Stewart said...

I am really looking forward to the mini conference - there are some great looking events being planned. What always thrills me is the way course participants throw themselves into this mini conference. What I would like to know is how to keep the impetus going once the course is finished...but I guess that has to come from every student, not me :)

willie campbell said...

sarah I think the way people work in this course will give them a base for future work. some will find their environment supports continuied netwroking, others will go narrower and give service to their learners or clients.

willie campbell said...

I think your scaffolding of exposure to a range of communciation platforms is what will last- then people will be influenced by their own needs and the contexts within which they work.