Sunday, October 3, 2010

restraining (retraining) Tweets

I have had a Twitter account for a month now. In that time I have followed several people and learned some personal and some professional details of their lives. (I have also connected with a relative and that is a bonus.) the meeting I attended didn't do it for me, as my tweets got lost somewhere and so didn't gain traction.
I have decided that for the moment my on line personality and the platform that Twitter affords this is not of sufficient reward to continue.
I'm interested in the recent work on Web3 presence and wonder if we are simply working through a period of web2 stuff to get us all to be without a computer at all?

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Anonymous said...

HI Willie,

Your post prompted me to read the other blog about Web 3.0 and it was informative. I find that the numbers are intriguing me to look ahead, and wonder what number we'll be up to in 1 year, 2-3 years, or 5 years time. I like the Horizon Report for helping me to do that.