Thursday, August 14, 2008

who is watching my learning? and yours?

last night as I explored options for useful links, good old FortiNet informed me that was not an option for me. Oh yes?I wonder what gave them that idea.

Then today I was unable to open my blog on my work computer as it was outside my privacy settings. Interesting that Fortinet can not afford me any privacy.

Now at home, going into a regular email posting from George Seimens, I found it tagged by the said Fortinet and had to convince it/them/(large sibling)that this wasn't so and they seemed to believe me, so all go now. (Have you read David McQuillan's blog on spying and security- worth reading -find it onthe OP wikieducator list ,again see below).

Try the Workplace Learning link I have added, as this came in with the Seimens material and looks very promising.


Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Willie, are you going to have a look at the course he is running in the next couple of weeks - I think it will be hugely chaotic but interesting, none the less:

Anonymous said...

Fortinet works in such an unusual way!! It can actually hinder what you do at work though, of course, you can force it to accept your website. Every time it happens at work though I get this vague feeling that I'm looking at things I shouldn't be looking at!!!