Wednesday, August 20, 2008

linking and connecting

Here I am trying to make practical sense of interconnectivity- the theory fascinates me, but without the technical knowhow it's a bit remote.

The idea of social networking without much paper, postal costs and months of sea or air travel is magic. I can remember party line phones where you had to listen for your own morsecode ring signal to know whether or not the call was for you.I'm sure LeighBlackall wouldn't like that at all.

The connection I have with thos trying to establish blogs along with me seems quite strong and I particulalrly like Craig's layout and Emma's very rich and full prettypages.

I hope I remember how to do these links in the cold light of day.


Sarah Stewart said...

I too am very interested in the theory of connectivity and look forward to finding out more about it. I hope we can do some work together - we'll have to do a presentation to OP staff :)

Leigh Blackall said...

Actually, I really like older technologies - especially the socially enabling and connectivitist kind. I would love to set up a museum of such things!