Friday, August 8, 2008

as usual- technical hitches

no it isn't the weather, or the fact that three people cancelled meetings today, simply frustration with these blogs. two in particular and any help would be much appreciated:
1) in google reader, the full beautiful blog to which i have subscribed doesn't appear, only the actual post as text. so I miss Emma's beautiful Oamaru,Helen greave's wonderful interactive cat etc and it makes a mockery of bothering to attend to the aesthetics of layout. Nor can I see the comment record-how many and I can't read anyone's comment. I guess the e-mail function allows me to comment, but that is a very 1:1 thing, and counterproductive to social networking function of blogs, so advice someone?
2) the googlegroup e-mails are irritating. I tried establishing a rule to divert them to a folder, but seem unable to get a full statement in the rule properties box, so ALL of my e-mails went into the folder!!! again, some help.
On a brighter note- trust you all have wonderful movies, craft projects, food and drink for the weekend. and of course zillions of olympic footage to view.


Sarah Stewart said...

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner - I thought I'd put you in my reader but obviously hadn't.

Not too sure how to answer the problems without seeing your reader etc. So here are a couple of options:

1. Talk about this on the phone, skype or elluminate or
2. Have a look at it on Thursday.

As for the google group question, I'm totally stumped. What I'll do is pass on your questions to my network & see what they say.dcnnur

Leigh Blackall said...

Well I never!...

Google Reader is designed to make reading blogs efficient and fast. Including the design (the highly valuable personal touches you refer to Willie) would significantly slow down the load time for the content to your reader. When (if) you subscribe to quite a few blogs, time in seconds count. It also reduced the cost in terms of bandwidth, and energy in terms of power needed to deliver all that content. Text is much less than images and colour. Again - economy of scale that individual users won't appreciate as much as massive services like Google.

As for the rule that you are trying to set up in Groupwise. This IS a job that ISS can support as it has to do with one of the software services they formally support. They will be able to send someone down to check your rule so that only email from the Google Group goes to the folder. One thing you will have to make sure of is that the Google Group has a subject line prefix set so that Groupwise can know what email goes where.

Here's a video I made for you 2 years ago.

Leigh Blackall said...

I should have added to the Google Reader problem.. click the title of the post you see in your reader and this will open the person's blog.

Depending on what blogging platform they are using will decide whether or not you will be able to see comments in your reader.

Sarah Stewart said...

Willie, what I do is use Google Reader to see if I am interested in a post and then go to the blog to read it in its entirety.

From Sue Waters (who I asked this question in Twitter):
the layout is always changed in the reader - you wont see the comments unless you subscribe to them.

Hope that helps, Willie!

Carolyn said...

If I see something I want to read in my RSS I click on the link and go directly to the blog rather than just reading in reader. I want to see it set out as the author has designed it with images etc and see the comments that have been made. I do find RSS really useful to identify the occasional think I might want to read from all the other stuff that is out there. It is impossible to read everything.

Sarah Stewart said...

Yes, Carolyn, that's how I use it.

willie campbell said...

thanks all of you. yes Leigh I do rememebr your video and I still have a rule around the assessing competency group that works- I had forgotten though that you need the subject line prefix- something the folk who establish the group have to attend to isn't it?

Emma Hogg said...

Easier than you think Willie (well I hope so) I have had a play in the customise section with adding in new elements - I am sure all will be revealed in the next sessions. :)Emma

lyn blair said...

How are you going Willie have you solved the many and varied hitches that can occur and often do. We will look into all these little issues in a little corner along with others who have probably experienced the same things unless of course you are all sorted.:)

Leigh Blackall said...

yes Willie, the subject prefix is only something that the email forum manager can set.

Sarah Stewart said...

I wasn't too sure what people were talking about regarding subject prefix, but I think I know now. I'll go and see if I can change it. Thanks for that everyone

willie campbell said...

thanks all you technical experts- the diversion to a folder now is up and running with me after Sarah has put a prefix into the subject line. much easier to cope with.
as for the reader- I can understand why the stripped down nature of the image, but I couldn't work out how to get anywhere different, (this is the challenge opf transfering learning isn't it?, what triggers the transfer?)so now am underway.
Emma- am looking forward to your mysteries on Thursday.

Sarah Stewart said...

Like the photo-it looks good

lyn blair said...

Thanks Willie I'm glad you are enjoying the workshops. It can be a big learning curve I am still getting over it from when I first started blogging( I use that term very loosely relating to me) but the visual impact in a relatively short timeframe is very rewarding.
We will most certainly look into linking web pages.